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Description of product

Explorer is an awesome Do-it-Yourself kit of modular Electronics, Robotics building blocks. This kit requires no coding.

It is an awesomekit for beginners to expert who want to make school science or model projects or just hobby projects. It gives you good understanding of different electronic component and how they can be used in electronics, robotic & automation projects. This kit offers a whole lot of additional functionality in addition to Explorer kit. With Remote transmitter and receiver, so you can make projects like remote controlled vehicle. With a timer block you can control your projects with time & much more

Pick any of the Cretile blocks & simply connect them to each other 

and they start to work together.


and they start to work together.


It comes with a 100+ pages Maker's Book that explains each Cretile block in detail using quick & simple experiments. The book also has a large number of project ideas with step-by-step guide on how to make those.

You can also learn make interesting project from numarious videos from our YouTube Channel - Visit

Set of 38 Cretile circuit modules:

  1. Battery/Power Supply - 1
  2. Battery/Power Supply - 2
  3. Geared Motor - 1
  4. Geared Motor - 2
  5. High Speed Motor
  6. Obstacle Sensor - 1
  7. Obstacle Sensor - 2
  8. Switch
  9. Buzzer
  10. Inverter - NOT Gate
  11. Dimmer
  12. Light Sensor
  13. Light
  14. Copy
  15. Threshold
  16. Submersible Water Pump
  17. Sensor Base - 1
  18. Sensor Base - 2
  19. Transmitter
  20. Receiver
  21. Pulse/Delay (Timing functionality)
  22. Pump/Motor
  23. Push Button - 1
  24. Push Button - 2
  25. Sound Sensor
  26. Motion Sensor
  27. Connectivity Sensor
  28. Limit Switch (approach sensor)
  29. Wire
  30. U-Right
  31. Robotic Wheel - 1
  32. Robotic Wheel - 2
  33. Pipe for pump
  34. Small Wheel
  35. USB Rechargeable 9V Battery
  36. Non-rechargeable 9V battery
  37. Pulley
  38. Fan Blade

These Cretile blocks can be used to create various projects. Your creativity will define what you can create out of it. 

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