Cretile Sound Sensor

To use Cretile Sound Sensor, connect it to the Cretile Sensor Base. 
Cretile Sound Sensor detects sound around it. The sensor switches ON when sufficiently loud sound is detected. It remains ON only momentarily for duration of sound detected. E.g. when you clap around the Sound Senor it remains ON for a short duration of the clap. 
You can decide the sensitivity of the Sound Sensor by operating the potentiometer placed on it. Use a small screw-driver to operate this potentiometer. 

Make & learn: Connect Cretile Sound Sensor to Cretile Sensor Base. Now, connect Battery + Sensor Base (with Sound Sensor mounted on it) + Pulse-Delay + Light in sequence. Put the Cretile Pulse/Delay in Pulse mode.  Set the Pulse value to 600 seconds with ‘CHANGE VALUE' buttons. Use ‘SAVE’ switch to store the Pulse value for future use. Now clap near the Sound Senor. You will observe Sound Sensor detects the clap sound and gives ON Signal to Cretile Pulse. The  Cretile Pulse starts counting down from 600  to zero. During this period the Cretile Light remains ON. Once the countdown reaches zero, the Cretile Light goes OFF.
Brand Cretile