Code Kit: 31 Cretiles and Accessories

Description of product

Cretile Code is an awesome Do-it-Yourself kit to learn coding in an easy and fun way. Cretile kit offers an easy block based programming enviroment as shown below. This kind of coding allows you to focus on the logic part of programming and forget about syntax like wehre to put a comma or bracket. 

Cretile drag n drop programmable environment. Block based programming.

The kit comes with an Arduino(r) based programmable block called ProLogic. You can connect a variety of sensors, inputs and outputs to ProLogic and program it as per your project need. You can make simple to highly complex projects using it. 

It is a perfect kit for anyone who want to learn coding or enhance coding skills further. 

In addition coding, with this plug-n-play kit, you would be able to make lots of projects automation and robotics projects with or without coding. 

Pick any of the Cretile blocks & simply connect them to each other 

and they start to work together.


It comes with a 100+ pages Maker's Book that explains each Cretile block in detail using quick & simple experiments. The book also has a large number of project ideas with step-by-step guide on how to make those.

You can also learn make interesting project from numarious videos from our YouTube Channel - Visit

Kit comes with a USB Rechagiable 9V Battery making it low maintenace kit. The 500mah battery gives long lasting power to your projects.

9v usb rechargeable battery pp3   9v usb rechargeable battery pp3

Kit contains 31 Cretiles and Accessories:

  1. Battery Power
  2. BO Motor - 1
  3. BO Motor - 2
  4. Buzzer
  5. Caster Wheel
  6. Copy
  7. Dimmer
  8. High speed motor
  9. Light
  10. Light Sensor
  11. Mini Plastic Fan
  12. Motion Sensor
  13. Obstacle sensor - 1
  14. Obstacle sensor - 2
  15. OTG Adapter
  16. Pipe
  17. ProLogic
  18. Pulley
  19. Push Button - 1
  20. Push Button - 2
  21. Sensor Base - 1
  22. Sensor Base - 2
  23. Submersible pump
  24. Switch
  25. USB Cable
  26. Robotic Wheel - 1
  27. Robotic Wheel - 2
  28. Small Wheel
  29. Wire
  30. Vehicle Platform
  31. Usb rechargeble battery

Your projects can now move, make sound, sense environment, emit light & take decisions!

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