Set of Arduino Compatible Sensor

Description of product

Set of Nine Sensors

  1. Tilt  Sensor
  2. Vibration Sensor
  3. Sound Sensor
  4. Magnetic HALL effect Sensor
  5. Soil Moisture Sensor
  6. Motion Sensor (Radar) Sensor
  7. Limit Switch (Approach Sensor)
  8. Conductivity Sensor
  9. One Sensor Base 

Any of these can be mounted on Cretile Sensor Base. These sensors gives opportunity to you to create large number of robotic and automation projects. Some of the common projects are Obstacle avoiding Robot, Obstacle detecting Robot, Line following robot, Magnetic Sensor based door alarm, Soil moisture based irrigation system, knock and switch ON a light etc. These are just some examples, you can use these sensor in 100s of other project ideas.

These sensors are Arduino compatible sensors. Once mounted on the sensor base, it can be used with other Cretiles or you can connect it to Cretile ProLogic and also use the sensor values in your program. Cretile ProLogic comes with Scratch like Easy Coding environment where you can code without having to type. Simple drag-n-drop required visual programming elements and build your program. No need to worry about where to put comma and where to put semicolon. It allows you to focus on Logic and leave behind the syntax and semantics mistakes.

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