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#612, 4th C Main, OMBR layout, Banaswadi Bangalore, IN
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Below are the terms and condition for the purchase and use of Cretile kits. Please read those carefully and only upong accepting those submit your purchase order.

  • This purchase order is to express interest for the purchase of Cretile kits and/or other material
  • Ensure that you choose the shipping and billing address correctly. No changes in address cane be handled later. 
  • Ensure that GST number and company name is as per the GST 
  • You shall receive a quotation as per the material and quantity mentioned in this form
  • Quotation shall mention estimated time for dispatch
  • Quotation shall mention shipping method that we will use 
  • Shipping timeline and accuracy both is not in the control of MakerInMe Tech Pvt Ltd and MakerInMe Tech Pvt Ltd shall not be held responsible for any damange/loss of any nature.
  • Only upon your acceptance over email about price, dispatch time and estimated time for delivery the order shall be treated final
  • Any deposit of amount deposited by you will be deemed acceptance of quotation
  • The material shall be dispatched after full payment only 
  • Supply of the material be dependent on the availability of material 
  • Supply of material and/or services is at the descrition of MakerInMe Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Curriculum supplied to you alongwith the kit is for the purpose of your consumption only. You do not have permission to destribute the curriculum. Cretile documentation is a copyright of MakerInMe Technologies Private Limited and hence you are not allowed to duplicate any part of the Cretile documentation or copy any part of the content to create any other documentation. 
  • Cretile Kit is shall be used for personal purpose or for the purpose of education only. Cretile Kit shall not be used for any product developement The kit shall be used for education delivery by person purpose either in person or over internet. Delivery of education that uses Cretile kit via recorded video is not allowed.
  • Special instructions in this form are not guranteed to be addressed/serviced by MakerInMe Tech Pvt Ltd. Please discuss with MakerInMe team about our ability to handle special instructons. Do not put any instructions that can inpact your business or whatsoever in this section.
  • MakeInMe Pvt Ltd may in good-will try to help you and shipping company resolve any queries
  • Once the kit is received you must test all the components and report any issue within the warrenty period 
  • The cost of shipment for warrenties are to be born by you.