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Cretile Electric Pencil Sharpener

  • By Cretile Project Guru
  • •  Jan 26, 2017

What do you need?
You can make this project with Cretile Explorer Ki with below Cretiles
    Cretile Battery (you can also choose to use Cretile power)
    Cretile ON/OFF Switch
    Cretile Push Button
    Cretile Motor
    A Pulley
    Double sided tape
    and a circular shaped sharpener



1. Put double sided tape on the flat side of sharpener

2. Stick the sharpener on the pulley


3. Now let's start assembling Cretiles. Start with Cretile Battery (you can also use Cretile Power module instead)

Connect Cretile Push Button to it. This will be used to start and stop Cretile electric sharpener

4. Add a Cretile ON/OFF switch on Direction port of Cretile Motor. This will help you decide the direction in which the sharpner shall rotate

5. Finally assemble the Pulley with sharpener on the Cretile Motor and switch ON the power to assembly.

6. Choose the direction of the Sharpener with Cretile ON/OFF switch

7. Your Cretile Electric sharpner is ready! Operate it with Cretile Push Button

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I'm definitely going to recomend this a school science project for my 6th grader nephew. He's going to absolutely love this. So cool! I had no idea you could build your own electric pencil sharpener

By: Justin Levitt
Jan 03, 2018   Reply

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